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      A few months ago we announced a company-wide “Student of the Year” contest for all our Titanium students.

      To enter, we simply asked students to submit a short video or write up sharing what they’ve been able to accomplish since joining and what life looks like now vs. before Lifeonaire.

      I’ll tell you, we had some AWESOME submissions and stories of lives completely changed.

      – Becoming more confident in themselves and overcoming old limiting beliefs that held them back from success
      – Identifying passions and starting businesses/ventures based on that passion
      – Working way less and being able to travel the world with friends and spend quality time with loved ones
      – Getting healthier, more focused, and having more free time
      – Overcoming addictions and damaging habits
      – and more

      It was amazing…AND it was really hard for the panel to choose a winner

      With that, we’d like to announce and congratulate Adrian Smude as being selected as the 2019 Lifeonaire Student of the Year!

      Despite doubts from some of the people around him (he even got harassed by some of his friends for pursuing this “Lifeonaire thing”), he was able to move completely into Stage 4 where the income from his assets pays for his lifestyle in full, have his wife Erin quit her full-time nursing job, take 13 vacations this year, become a sought-after speaker at real estate groups, and have a blast the entire time.

      Great job Adrian and the rest of our incredible Titanium students!

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