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    • Tanise Fenelon


      My Name is Tanise from Florida (Newbie)

      I just wanted to put my imprint on the community &  welcome all the newbies!

      Let us unite and have a roll call (where are you from? & anything you want to share)

      I’m here to streamline my vision and put in the work to make it happen! 😀


    • Jason Wojo

      Welcome Tanise!!! 🙂

    • Team Lifeonaire

      Hey Tanise, So glad to have you here! You’re a great addition to the Lifeonaire family. Get to know Tanise y’all. She’s a super upbeat, life-giving spirit.

    • Jacci Konkle

      Hi Tanise. Welcome to your Lifeonaire journey.  My name is Jacci Konkle and I am a new Lifeonaire coach alongside my husband, Brett.  We live in Wisconsin, and have been with Steve Cook since 2009 on the Lifeonaire journey. Get that vision streamlined and keep us updated on your wins!

    • Steve Cook

      Hi Tanise,

      Welcome.  I’m no longer a newbie.  Started my career in Baltimore, MD and today I invest in a small town in Wisconsin.

      Be Blessed,


    • Joann Estis

      Hi, Tanise. I am Joann from a small Alabama. I’m checking the forums to see if I can offer encouragement and also to observe how those who are ahead of us in this journey do things. I attended a GAL weekend in Birmingham with my husband, Bud.

      • Steve Cook

        Hi Joann,

        I hope you and your husband make the most of the Get A Life event.  Please share your experiences with us.



    • Tim and Stephanie Truong

      <p style=”text-align: center;”>Hi Tanise,</p>
      I’m Tim Truong from Colorado. I had wanted to go to the event in Birmingham thanks to Brian Trippe and his interview with Wojo but my wife couldn’t come so we opted for the one in Minneapolis. My coach is now Turney and Teresa Nelson. Which group are you in?

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