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    • Steve Cook

      After years of wanting to coach the coaches, I just completed the first to Coach Intensive events.  It was great to talk about many things that I have not talked about much when it comes to coaching and Lifeonaire.  It got me all excited to see how many people were excited about sharing the Lifeonaire message themselves.

      Lifeonaire is changing lives.  I want to encourage all of you that feel like there is a coach in you to consider becoming a Lifeonaire coach.  I’m not going to get the Lifeonaire message out to the masses by myself, however, if I equip you, you can take the message to places I can not reach.  So I hope to see you at a Coach Intensive some time in the future.



    • JP Moses

      Congrats, brother. While I wasn’t able to make it myself, I’ve only heard great things about it.

      And I can see from that fancy sidebar thingy that we’ve added quite a few new Lifeo-coaches to the crew. Let the hazing begin.  🙂

    • Steve Cook

      The next coach intensive is coming up in August.  We filled up the first two of them right away.  I’m taking the summer off and having the next one August 27-29th.  Anyone interested in becoming a coach should attend.  If you are already a coach and you want to sharpen your skills you should attend. Hope to see you there.



    • Ellen Daniels


      I am so excited to not only be a part of Lifeonaire, but also a Titanium student. My life has changed dramatically in these last 4 months since that 3 day seminar in March, and even more so since I invested in myself, hired a life coach, and attended the retreat in Dallas, the end of May.  My Coach Peter, Polish Peter 🙂 has been an incredible coach and has guided, encouraged and worked with me on my insecurities, fears, and frustrations.  Creating, writing, rewriting, rewriting again and feeling and breathing my “incredible vision”

      There has been numerous times in my journey of life that I have not been able to figure out,  what my purpose in life is…. now I know.

      At the 3 day seminar, I casually thought about coaching. My story inspired others and seeing how the coaches changed peoples lives that day, inspired me.  However, my vision was more about a career in Real Estate investing,  not coaching. One Sunday, I came home from Church, and decided to work on my vision.  My wants, needs and family, were done and I had been trying to complete my spiritual part. I have a strong faith, and it helps me get through the storms and turbulence of life. This should be easy i thought, but what I found was a loss for words.

      They say God speaks to you when you are quiet. Pray, and then listen. The tears flowed and I got an incredible feeling that I need to speak to others, sharing my story and inspiring others.

      Its been a while since I wrote that in my vision, I read it each day and continue pursuing my career in Real estate along with working a full time job.  I decided I needed to replace my income with a few flips, discontinue my job and then would focus on coaching and the rest of my vision of helping women with depression, divorce and moving forward.  But for some reason, I have continued to have some anxiety on how it would all play out, how could I do both and why, why have I not secured a deal yet?

      For all of you who have coaches, you know they are our life line.  Peter to the rescue and a moment of truth. Something I think I knew all along, but could I have it all backwards?  Was I to Coach first, and the real estate will somehow be a part of it?

      Its been a week now of pondering it in my head, praying and looking for the answers, I had inquired a while back about the 3 day coaching retreat and thought this would be a great opportunity, but decided it wasn’t attainable at this time. But, God has a mysterious way of poking at me when I least expect it.  I went to church today, grateful for my life and with an open mind, you see Father James has a habit recently of preparing his sermon specifically just for me. :)”Be persistent” he said, “Children do not learn to walk the first time they try”. Holy Hana!  I just heard Tony Robbins say that a few days ago on a you tube video. Yikes! I think I just got a message.

      Unbeknownst, my vision became so passionately and vividly clear this afternoon while walking my dog that I had to rush right home to type it all up so i wouldn’t forget all the details. Somehow, I was lead to the Lifeonaire site and then to this forum. What the heck,  Coaching? Hmm, yes i need to learn how to be a great coach, what a better way than from those that have inspired me so much.

      Steve, I am not sure if there is an opening yet and I am not sure how I will make things work financially to take part in the coach intensives in August,  but I know one thing, I know what is in my vision and I know that my purpose in life includes coaching. It is time to “be persistent” and to make my vision come alive.

      It is in my vision to see you in August.


    • Steve Cook

      Hi Ellen,

      Very nice to meet you.  Hope to see you in August.  I’m happy to hear of the life changes for you.  Be blessed.

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