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    • Team Lifeonaire

      I have a sincere question for you: Have you ever wanted something for someone…something that would really benefit them…but they’re just not interested?

      I’ll bet your answer is “yes”. Let me explain and give some examples:

      • You have a friend that doesn’t exercise, eats terribly, and drinks a lot. Their weight, blood pressure and cholesterol are all through the roof. They’re self-destructing, yet they couldn’t care less.
      • You have a family member that spends money irresponsibly, and you see warning signs that they’re headed towards a financial cliff. You’ve offered to help but they have zero interest in changing their ways.
      • You have a colleague that continues to work crazy-long hours and is completely neglecting their spouse, kids, and friends. You challenge them yet they continue to justify their actions, pushing aside the inevitable consequences you know are coming.

      In each case, I think you’d agree…these types of situations are sad. They also have one big thing in common: [go here to read the rest of the story!]

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