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      All my life, I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit. I frequently come up with great ideas and have others present their ideas and opportunities to me. Many of them are very good ideas in my mind. I believe that some of them will revolutionize the world, or at least my world (I say that tongue in cheek). This constant wheels turning, always innovating is something that I often times refer to as the curse of the entrepreneur: the “I should…”

      We—and I’m referring to you as well as myself—get so wrapped up in our ambition and the ideas that drive it. We begin to identify ourselves with our ideas.

      At the same time, we hold our ideas close, guarding them until we’re ready to bring them to the world. We plot ways to give birth to our new ideas, and often, we bring them alongside the ideas we’re already working on and trying to make a success of…..(read the rest of the story here!)

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